Disinfectant Podz x 20

Disinfectant Podz x 20


MSRP: $15.99 each

HopePodz Disinfectant Kit
1 Disinfectant refill: kills 99.99% of all viruses, bacteria, fungi, mould
2 Multi-Surface refills: removes grease, grime, ink, smoke film, crayon, stains
Multi-Surface is Eco-Certified: zero-waste, plastic-free, non-toxic, biodegradable, non-carcinogenic
To keep your family safe, Health Canada’s guidelines say you should clean AND disinfect all high-touch home surfaces at least once a day
Powerful, pro-cleaning formulas
Works on all non-porous surfaces
Comparably priced to retail liquid house cleaners
Very light lavender fragrance
Drop 1 pod into an empty spray bottle & refill with water
Saves 3 plastic bottles from landfill
Pod dilutes in any 26oz/769mL to 32oz/946mL bottle

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Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 0.02 cm
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