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Every purchase puts money right back into the pockets of Manitoba makers.
A portion of every sale is donated to a local charity!
Every item is verified handcrafted and proudly made in Manitoba.

Welcome to FetchLocal

FetchLocal’s values are impact-driven. Along with charitable giving, our passion is to support local Manitoba Makers by providing them with another sales avenue! Every purchase you make through FetchLocal has a purpose ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

We love partnering with organizations for fundraising opportunities. Let’s talk about how we can support Manitoba’s communities together!

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While we grow, you can shop ๐Ÿ™‚

We’re doing a bit of design cleanup and adding more amazing products to our site, but in the meantime feel free to shop our current collection of locally made items!

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handcrafted & made in mb!

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Strengthen MB Makers & Local Causes while shopping! Choose your favourite items & pick a cause at checkout.
We’ll handle the restย  :).ย 


FetchLocal verifies that all of our MB Makers are locally founded and produce their products right here in Manitoba!

Verified Manitoba Makers

All of the products are crafted and produced in Manitoba by local businesses. We verify each MB Maker.

Passionate About Fundraising

Local charities and organizations are the heart of our community. Lets help empower them!

Focused on Business Ethics

FetchLocal aspires to be a B-Corp business. We're committed to sustainable and ethical practices.

Easy Shopping & Shipping

Support MB Makers & Fundraisers with a click of a button! Local delivery & Canada Post shipping available.