Sample Pack of 4 Coffee x 4

Sample Pack of 4 Coffee x 4

Mugging Whales

MSRP: $55.00 each

Minimum Order of 12 Emblems (4 minimum of each flavour or sample set) Please contact for more information.

4 x 227g
This is the perfect way to sample our coffee. This pack is also a great gift idea for a coffee lover!

Over the past year, we’ve narrowed down our selection to our customer favourites and bestsellers. And now we've bundled them together!

This pack includes 227g of each of these 4 coffees from our current selection:

MEXICO [medium roast] - light-bodied with hints of tropical fruit, cocoa and honey
COSTA RICA [medium roast] - clean and sweet with flavours of orange, chocolate and toffee
GUATEMALA [medium roast] - full-bodied and smooth with flavours of nuts and dark chocolate
COLOMBIA [medium roast] - smooth, rich flavour with a caramel sweetness and hints of fruit/berries

Additional information

Weight 1.05 kg
Dimensions 1.05 cm - handcrafted, locally made


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