Mexico (Medium Roast) Coffee x 4

Mexico (Medium Roast) Coffee x 4

Mugging Whales

MSRP: $20.00 each

Minimum Order of 12 Emblems (4 minimum of each flavour or sample set) Please contact for more information.

 Flavour profile: floral aroma with hints of chocolate and honey
These beans were grown in the Sierra Madre de Chiapas mountain range, which shares a border with Guatemala, at an altitude of 1,100 to 1,300 MASL. Mexico produces mostly shade-grown coffee and is one of the world’s largest exporters of organic-certified coffee. The majority of coffee in Mexico is grown by indigenous and smallholder producers.
Mexican coffees tend to be lighter bodied with mild flavours.
Ethically sourced, locally roasted.

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Weight 0.34 kg - handcrafted, locally made


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