Creamed Honey 250 g by The Honey Mine at Cooks Creek

Creamed Honey 250 g by The Honey Mine at Cooks Creek


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Its our opinion that the bees do it best! That's why we package only pure honey in every jar. Our honey is typically a blend of sunflower, sweet clover, canola, and wildflower, offering a light appearance and flavour.

What makes raw honey so special?
Our raw honey is coarsely strained and only minimally heated to aid in the packing process. This gives a honey that is unfiltered and unpasteurized, while leaving bits of pollen suspended in the honey.

Honey packed in this way is chock full of beneficial antioxidants and enzymes. Raw honey:

Contains antibacterial and antifungal properties
Protects the body from free radical damage (due to antioxidants)
Aids in digestive issues, due to prebiotics
Alleviates seasonal allergies (local source important)
Tastes great!

What about creamed honey?
We are now offering pure raw CREAMED HONEY! We use the same great tasting and unprocessed honey to make our creamed honey, meaning you can still get the unique benefits of raw honey in a soft, smooth texture that won't solidify.

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